The transformation of the Special educational complex into Resource Center


Location: Yerevan, RA Overall objective: To promote the Rights of children with behavioral and social problems by reducing the number of children attending the Special educational complex Specific objectives: To contribute to the improvement of current situation of children with behavioral and social problems by working out and putting in place the transformation plan of [...]

Environment protection begins from school


General objective:  To aware the pupils about the challenges of the environment and the importance of the waste reduction. Target groups: 5 public schools of Yerevan, around 300 pupils Implemented activities To organize an environmental training in 5 public schools of Yerevan, To organize a workshop during which the pupils will recycle the household [...]

Clean Sevan


Overall objective: To promote the sustainable development of Armenia through raising awareness level of population about environment and impact of emissions on ecosystem. Specific objective: To clean the public beaches of Lake Sevan creating workplaces for the inhabitants of Gegharkunik region. Duration : 2 months Project description: Lake Sevan is situated in Gegharkunik region at [...]



General Objective: To raise awareness among Deaf and Hard of Hearing persons by promoting access to education and information. Specific Objective: To launch - the first website dedicated to Armenian sign language. Activities: To shoot and edit video materials for the Armenian Sign Language Dictionary including 3000 words, and over 500 video articles. Beneficiaries: Deaf and [...]

Access to adequate services for children with behavioural problems in Armenia


Implementing organization: Armenian Fund for Sustainable Development Implementing partners:  RA Ministry of Education and Science, Republic Educational Complex for children with behavioral problems Duration: 12 months Location: Yerevan, RA Overall objective: To promote the rights of children with behavioral and social problems by developing educational and rehabilitation services in Armenia. Target groups: The children [...]

Micro-Grants for Community Development


General objective: To support small Civil Society Organisations operating in the remote regions of the Republic of Armenia Specific objective: To initiate a micro-grant project focusing on the priorities set by the communities. Activities: The Micro-grant Commission elected 5 community development projects out of 25 applications sent by Civil Society Organisations operating in Armenia. Beneficiaries: People living in the [...]

Civil Society Reinforcement in Armenia


The project contributed to the community development through enhancement of institutional and methodological capacities of community based NGOs and fostered their cooperation with local governmental bodies on the basis of a participative democracy. Activities The institutional and methodological capacities of local NGOs enhanced by organizing training sessions and seminars on fund raising, strategic planning, grant [...]

Legal Recognition of Armenian Sign Language


Implementing organization: Armenian Fund for Sustainable Development Duration: 3 (three) months Location: Yerevan, RA Project Description: Armenia has a comprehensive disability law among 19 Governments in the world. Also we have national action plan on disability that have been adopted in 2009 together with 29 Governments of the world. However, a thorough examination is required as [...]

RACOB-Return Assistance in Armenia-Cooperation OFII-BAMF


Within the framework of the cooperation between Office Français de l’Immigration et de l’Intégration (OFII) and  Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge-BAMF), co-funded by the European Return Fund, since November 01, 2012 AAAS in partnership with the French Armenian Development Foundation (FADF) have been implementing  the  RACOB pilot project which was aimed [...]

Promoting non-formal education for DHHP


General Objective: To contribute to the social inclusion and personal development of Deaf and Hard of Hearing youth in Armenia Specific objective: To create a base of new, flexible, non-formal methods and train specialists on the implementation of the new program Activities: Trainings on non-formal education methods. Beneficiaries: 16 participants - teachers and translators of sign language, [...]