Created in 2004, the Armenian Fund for Sustainable Development focused its activities on the advocacy, promotion and protection of the Rights of the Migrants, Disabled and other vulnerable layers of society. The AF4SD is also actively involved in Francophonie and Environment protection. Its projects are in line with priorities of European and International institutions, Development agencies and Armenian authorities.

Active in the Management of Return and Reintegration of Migrants since its creation, the Armenian Fund for Sustainable Development is one of the major non-State actors in Armenia. More than a decade we were the unique implementing partner in charge of social and economic reintegration of returnees from France. Our expert knowledge of Migrations is not a mere matter of theory but well-founded expertise based on learnt lessons and empirical realities.

If you are looking for a reliable partner for drafting your proposals, for carrying out your field assessments, for elaborating your policy papers, roadmaps, manuals and toolkits, for evaluating and monitoring your activities, we offer our competence to respond to your expectations.