“Integration through Art”

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The “Integration through Art” project launched in partnership with Ghazaros Saryan Art School in Yerevan by giving the FADF the opportunity to intervene at once with two main target groups – children and teenagers, and vulnerable adults. Through the foundation’s financial support, 40 students – among them physically or mentally disabled children, orphans, children from impoverished families, Syrian-Armenian refugees, etc – will have the opportunity to learn different types of art – music, singing, dance, painting, theater, etc – from January 2016. The budget will be used to pay for the children’s tuition fees, add the necessary equipments and maintain the instruments provided to the children for the lessons.

The project will also permit to include children suffering from serious disorders causing inability to move. Thus, twice a week teachers will visit Marie Izmirlian orphanage in order to work with children eager to learn Art. For artistic education besides being merely a means of integration, it is also a form of therapy.