More Decent Living Conditions for 200 Vulnerable Persons

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“Dzorak” neuropsychological center opened its doors lately in Yerevan. The center can host up to 200 psychologically ill patients, including 50 of them confined to bed and unable to satisfy their most basic needs. This last fact makes the organization process in this state-ruled establishment much more difficult.

Taking into consideration the reported data by the RA Ministry Of Labor And Social Issues, the FADF committed to contribute to the improvement of the living conditions of the center’s residents and to the defense of vulnerable adults’ rights, in partnership with the Ministry.

As a result, the budget of the project – 1.000 Euros in total – has been allocated to the purchase of a washing-machine and other necessary equipments. Although partly renovated during these last years, the small number of washing-machines and other equipments could not satisfy the daily sanitary needs of special needs residents. In other words, 200 vulnerable adults now have a much more decent daily life.