Civil Society Reinforcement in Armenia


Implemented Projects

About This Project

The project contributed to the community development through enhancement of institutional and methodological capacities of community based NGOs and fostered their cooperation with local governmental bodies on the basis of a participative democracy.


  • The institutional and methodological capacities of local NGOs enhanced by organizing training sessions and seminars on fund raising, strategic planning, grant writing and grant management.
  • The role of civil society organizations at regional level increased by promoting the dialogue between the NGOs and local governmental bodies.
  • The parental groups reinforced and encouraged in their participation in policy making processes.


  • 20 organizations from each region participated in trainings
  • 208 CSOs (with 346 representatives) from 10 regions and Yerevan increased their capacities
  • 208 CSOs developed their strategy plans
  • 208 community organizations raised their knowledge in grant management
  • Dialogue between the stakeholders took place in all the regions and in Yerevan
  • The participant CSOs already started to develop their project ideas and put in relevant web resources for crowdfunding
  • 11 public discussions were organized (one in each region and the capital) dedicated to the reinforcement of participative democracy
  • A round table with participation of delegates from all the regions of the RA took place in Yerevan
  • A handbook for the CSO leaders, public initiatives, and parental groups was developed and shared among all stakeholders
  • 208 CSOs (with 346 representatives), public initiatives, and parental groups from 10 regions and Yerevan increased their institutional capacities.

Duration: 6 months

Start date: October 1, 2014