Round Table Discussion Dedicated to the Reinforcement of Dialogue Between Civil Society and Local Authorities

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On 27th of March 2015, a round table discussion on the reinforcement of dialogue between civil society and local authorities will be held in presence of Armenia-based NGOs, self-governing authorities and regional prefectures representatives.

This initiative aims at reinforcing dialogue between civil society and local authorities, in order to offer solutions to the current problems in the regions of Armenia.

The “Civil Society Reinforcement in Armenia” (CSRA) project was launched on 15th of October 2014, with the support of Association Arménienne d’Aide Sociale (AAAS) and “Saint Sarkis Charity Trust”. The French Armenian Development Foundation is the local implementing partner of the project.

The project aims at reinforcing the capacities of regional non-governmental organizations, civil initiatives and parental associations of children with disabilities in Yerevan and ten regions of Armenia.