Support to the Special Schools Reform in Armenia

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Launched by FADF in partnership with “Saint Sarkis” Charity Foundation and AAAS (Association Arménienne d’Aide Sociale), the initiative aims to support the Armenian Government in the implementation of the Special Schools Reform Plan.

In this context, partners have agreed to prepare and submit a file to the RA Ministry of Education regarding the organizational, financial, methodological and legal aspects of the transformation of the Republican Educational Complex N°1 into a School-Resource Center. Proposals will also include improvement of educational services for children suffering from behavioral disorders.

The first meeting about the preparation of the file took place on November 27th in the building of the Republican Educational Complex N°1. It brought together many key actors of the field and enabled fruitful discussions between the representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science, the representatives of the Ministry Of Labor And Social Issues, regional public utility specialists in charge of family, women and children rights, as well as local and international NGOs delegates acting in the field of child protection.