What is your football dream?

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For children and all football fans around the world, in these difficult times, together with the UEFA Foundation for Children, we want to inspire hope in everyone and focus on tomorrow’s bright day.
We are all looking forward to the day when football will bring joy to all children again.

The UEFA Foundation for Children offers to create a chain through social media (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter), through which every football fan will answer a very simple question:

What will be your football dream after this crisis?

The answer should be in the form of a photo.
It can be a selfie (for example, when raising a prize), a landscape, a scene, something (a ball, a prize, etc.), a photo of someone (a football player, a friend, a stadium, etc.), a symbol, etc.

In short, whatever you want.

Post your chosen photo on different social pages with the following hashtags:
#UEFAFoundation ; #DreamingFootball ; #UEFA; #AF4SD; #GenerationSport
Tag your selected people who will continue this chain by posting their chosen photos
Release your creative mind
Everything will be fine
Be healthy